Clute Enterprises, Inc.

Your Community Builder for Over 30 Years

Clute Enterprises, INC

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Our Forte is Competitively Priced, Production Oriented Homes

Our Focus is Customer Satisfaction, Quality and Time Management

Classic White Kitchen

A Variety of Standard Interior Feature choices will make you new house a Home or choose your Perfect Upgrade

Clute Construction

An Affordable, Quality Built Home can Be Yours, when you Choose Clute Enterprises, INC

Sideways Ranch 3 -1

Our Most Popular Floorplans can be easily Customized to suit or Bring your Own Plan

Clute Enterprises, INC

Clute Enterprises has been a Community Builder for over 30 years.  Through EXPERIENCE, we have combined knowledgeable site management, supplier relations, effective communication and a commitment to making your new home an intelligent and ENJOYABLE decision.  We don't have all the answers, but we do have an endless supply of solutions.

We believe what separates us from other companies is our PEOPLE.  We keep it REAL, operating with a high level of cooperation and understanding from beginning to end.  It's a team effort, with CUSTOMER needs at the forefront.  Your home is our home.  We can appreciate the effort and thought required to even consider the purchase of a new HOME.  So when you TRUST us with that's reciprocated.  THANK YOU to all of our customers for joining our team.

We are Continually developing new Home Sites throughout our Region.  Several Home Sites are Ready NOW for Occupancy or Under Construction

The Homes at Haviland Park Phase II is Planned to Begin Fall of 2019!   These Homes are located along the banks of the beautiful Feeder Canal in the City of Glens Falls

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